The Definition of Motivation

A dictionary definition of Motivation, “giving of reason to act, incentive”. I still remember the early 90’s, new to the financial services industry, I would watch my branch manager hand thumping on the boardroom table, inspiring our group to be productive. I finally left the fold. The weekly incentive caused headaches that were cumulative.

Another definition describes motivation as “forces determining behaviour”, and includes the biological, emotional and cognitive forces that activate and direct behaviour, as well as the social impact. Inner drive is the motivation that fuels most lasting changes in habits and behaviour.

At CashPlan we begin with Motivation. The 5 Step Program works because participants are motivated to make changes in the way they view money, spend money, plan for security, and for their families.

An acquaintance responded to my description of what CashPlan tries to give to clients, with, “I really need that!”  And my reply was, “Why?”  What can we do for you if what you want to change is the outcome of your habits, but not the habits themselves?  At what point will the repercussions of your money behaviour affect you so deeply that you will find a need to change the habits, knowing that the outcome will follow.

The story I just told you about my branch manager shows an attempt to influence through outside incentive. How can you buy into a person’s call to action when their only ammunition is an enthusiastic voice and hand pounding? Real incentive comes from your core, your gut telling you that you have so much to lose and so much to keep if you change your way of dealing with debt, savings and cash flow.

The first reason that CashPlan works is because of our clients’ motivation. Then we go to work.

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