Our proprietary 5 Step Process™ is a confidential and proven tool to help you review your current financial situation, to help you consider your goals and to help you develop a Plan of Action for achieving your financial well being.

Step One

Your initial contact is a FREE telephone consultation to help you determine if CashPlan is right for you. Ask questions about our process to understand how working with our professional advisors will give you the tools you need to improve your financial future.

Email us to attend one of our CashPlan workshops or seminars.

Step Two

Once you have decided that CashPlan can help improve your financial life, register and book your first appointment. In preparation for our meeting, you will be asked to complete two PERSONAL and CONFIDENTIAL questionnaires, and the Kolbe A Index.

Step Three

This confidential one-on-one meeting is our first opportunity to meet on site or Skype. We will review the information you provided in Step Two, examine the actions that are best suited to your specific needs and confirm your financial goals and priorities.

Step Four

In your second meeting in person, Phyllis Krane will provide you with a confidential strategy and implementation plan for reducing financial stress. You will be encouraged to participate in this review. Alternative options may be developed to give you more choices within your natural ability to implement.

Step Five

Phyllis meets with you to give you your confidential Plan of Action. She reviews the Plan with you to ensure you understand the recommendation and the strategy.

Personalized Coaching Sessions

In order to help monitor and update personal progress on your Plan of Action, you may book periodic personal coaching assistance from CashPlan. Follow up coaching is available to all clients, while not included in the consultation service fee, these fees are reasonable.

5 Step Process™ registration price $ 1,495.00 plus tax.

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